Entry #1

Making my Newgrounds Audio Debut...

2009-05-24 22:52:59 by thompsontalker79

Hey there everyone. While I've been at Newgrounds for years, I haven't submitted any content. I tried a test Flash movie (which was blammed awfully soon) and after that I decided that Flash isn't my thing. So I got into music producing. Now I have some tracks and beats made by me, and I'm going to pick the best ones and submit them to the audio portal!

On top of that, I'm working on a mixtape called Soliloquy: The EP. Many of the tracks from that mixtape will be submitted here on Newgrounds, but you can get a sneak peak at them by going to my website, www.freewebs.com/georgejust/ and click on Next Big Thing. Eventually I'll make a whole website devoted to my music production.

So far I have 3 tracks produced. "No Good In My Hood", "Coast To Coast", and "In A Daze". They are good, but I'm trying to see how I can add to them. They are hip-hop tracks and have a good feel to them. All my tracks will be produced by FL Studio 8 XXL Producer's Edition, and the more proficient I get in FL Studio, the more complex the tracks will be. So wish me luck, and be sure to check out my tracks when they come out in the Audio Portal!


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